you leave me this way
with the touch of sin
still on my skin
and i don’t want to come clean

the smell
of you still on me
can’t wash this away
so i can smell you today
and breathe you again

long to taste
my tongue is your slave
still taste you on my lips
and all i want is this
give me the nectar i crave

i feel
your hands still in my hair
your body so close to me
heart even closer and we
smile without knowing why

still i hear
the sounds that you made
as you brought me closer to you
and we did the things that we do
your voice is the music i need

i see
your smile when i close my eyes
your body wrapped around mine
your eyes when i was inside
these visions forever a part of me

and i am dirty
forever marked by the sins of us
my senses given in to you
together we broke our rules
to make the sins i’ll hold so dear.

– JT