I saw you in a photo from a yesterday
That we didn’t share
I saw you in a time that you told me of
But we didn’t care

  Is what you beg to me
  In all we couldn’t see
  Is what we should’ve been
  You’ve never given me

Promise another minute here
  Just one more time
You could see I’m begging now
  While you dance around this crime
I wrote these words for you
  I tried to sing for you
I would have given you
  But then you took away

  Once you begged to be
  In all we couldn’t see
  Was this our could’ve been
  We’ve never given our

Smiles are from a moment of
A time we never knew we had
Smiles into tomorrow and
Forever’s all we’ll ever have

      You said tomorrow
      You promised something
      You said you’d borrow
      To pay for everything
      You said tomorrow
      Promised sorrows
      You said tomorrow
      I believed tomorrow

And now today’s a yesterday
    of NeverWas
And all our dreams are only things
    of bones and dust
But among the fallen ash of hope
    and love’s faded rust

I still wait for you
I still hope we’re true
I still promise you
I love.

    – JT
Feb 7, 2018