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In which he never went home again

I grew up in a small town and, for as long as I can remember, I always wanted to leave it and live in a big city. As a kid I had no idea what that meant other than bright lights and places actually open on a Sunday… but I liked the picture of it in my head. View full article »


I hurt, I hurt…” – These are words spoken by my grandma that are probably going to haunt me the rest of my life. View full article »

So that’s what that feels like…

I’ve probably said “I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck” a hundred times in my life.. and now I know what it actually feels like.

It hurts. Do not recommend. RIP the MollyMobile.

Monday Morning

I try not to use this word often, but I hate mornings like this. View full article »

Don’t Take Me Home To Nothing

I didn’t ever ask for this
And maybe we should have asked you more
But when you asked if that’s all
I should have gone for the door

You say that love is pure and that
this is all we’ve got
With a graveyard’s dirt on my hands
I promise you it’s not View full article »

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