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Not better yet.

I’d like to thank Spotify for recommending Emo playlists for me the last two nights. It’s fitting.

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Well, frak.

It’s never ending. The hospital dad is at for his stroke rehab called me again this morning, because he’s being difficult, uncooperative and even more grumpy than usual, again. He doesn’t want to do the rehab, doesn’t want to do the work, doesn’t want to help himself. All he wants to do is lay in bed and have the nursing staff help him with everything.

Today, he yelled at me again because sitting in a chair for 5 minutes was bothering him and he wanted to lay down. I reminded him that he can’t lay down his whole life, and that he needs to teach himself a way that he can sit in a chair, or stand up that doesn’t bother him. More yelling. When he finished that, he asked me to come help him, again.

I can’t.

I am beyond burnt out after spending 3 months in my old home town looking after him and our family. I’m broke after not being able to work much during that time; AND, the icing on this caca-cake, I’m still dealing with whiplash and concussion symptoms from the car crash. I asked him, what does he expect me to do if I came out there? He said I could help him, I could push him to recover.


I’ve told him, he needs to push himself. I can’t be there all the time. He needs to do this for himself, and he won’t. The staff at his hospital have been incredible; patient beyond belief with him. They explained to me that he’s dealing with a brain injury because of how his stroke affected him, and that this isn’t necessarily him right now. Knowing that made it a bit easier to process, but also a bit harder for me, too.

I’m going to try working out again today. Not going to push myself, but I need to move some iron – even if it’s only an iron feather. Ordinarily, if I need to de-stress or think, my go-to is working out, driving, or talking with my dad. None of those are an option right now.

The rest of today will be better. I’ll make it happen.

On Suicide

I’ve been trying to write a blog for my company site for the last hour… and all I can think is… fuck.

I lost a friend today. Completely out of the blue, like I suppose most cases of this are. I was sitting in a cafe, waiting to meet with a possible new client. She was running a few minutes late, so I decided to check my phone.

I shouldn’t have. I’m pretty sure I’ll always remember this moment: sitting in that cafe, looking up to see my possible new client walk in, the exact second I’d read that my friend had passed. View full article »

Bell Let’s Talk Day

Today is, unless you’ve been living under a social media rock (and if so, say hi to my dad) – Bell Let’s Talk day. For every text message sent or long distance call made by a Bell subscriber, they will donate 5 cents to fund mental health initiatives across Canada. They’ll also contribute 5 cents if you share their image on Facebook, or use the hashtag #BellLetsTalk on Twitter – and here is where the uproar and backlash has come from.
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