logo design by Jason Toma

Logo design as part of a branding project for BrendOne Productions in Calgary, Alberta.

It's taken me 7 months to come up with a name that I like- How did you do it in 30 seconds?

Perhaps a little exhaggerated (it was more like 15 minutes) - but an amazing compliment from the owner of this small business. She had been in business previously under a different company name, and for a variety of reasons wished to rebrand under something more relevant to her current business identity.

There was only one problem - she was struggling to clearly define that identity; from her services offered to the perceived benefits - she was far too close to the forest to see the trees.

We met several times for brainstorming and Creative Coaching sessions, during which I helped her talk herself through her services and explain to me why her target market clients should choose her business. In doing so, I saw her energies change as she became more confident and pleased at identifying her business dreams more clearly.

As one of her company's core services is offering Instructional Design and Software Testing, I envisioned an abstract of turning the classic text or notebook into a digital offering. I presented her with a very rough and quick pencil sketch which she absolutely loved the concept of.

With the logo idea in place, we further moved on to her slogan and elevator pitch - clearly items that she had struggled with in identifying her business. With such a wide range of offerings (also including video production and editing, user experience testing and more) - it was a challenge to concisely communicate her message. I decided to distill everything down to what her ideal service (software testing) was about, and gave her something that she could say quickly and confidently. As we've all struggled with our software at some point, knowing that she could tell a business owner that her company will make their software work for them was a powerful, yet curiosity-engaging statement that would help start a conversation.

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