logo design by Jason Toma

  In creating the logo for Daye Enterprise, I really wanted to stay away from the clichéd approach of showing tools or something silly like that. I took the time to get to know Darren, the owner, a bit - which is easy enough, he's a super friendly guy - and found out a bit about him. I also considered the primary purpose of his business, which is home renovation. People associate an image of a lion with strength, and of honesty.
Through the use of both the strong, bold illustration as well as the choice in fonts and colour scheme, I think I've created a logo that creates a sense of strength, confidence and comfort.

I know that Darren is very pleased with his logo, and I've received several compliments from other people as well.

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"Cheers Jason, I appreciate the accurate and detailed way in which you created every aspect of my logo. I think it is a perfect representation of me and my work. I love it.

Jason, I have to say that I am very impressed with my logo. I had to get up a few times in the night just to have a look. Thanks very much and once again, awesome job!"

  - Darren Daye,
Daye Enterprise