logo design by Jason Toma

 This logo has represented my professional work for over ten years now.

I first created this logo during my time living in Kamloops, BC. Since then it has represented my work all over central BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, even in Mexico and Houston Texas. Now, finally it is being seen in Vancouver as I build the brand recognition in my favourite city. This logo illustrates the creative spark, the flame that burns within all artists and creative people. It's also somewhat based on the yin-yang symbol, the dichotomy of good & evil, creative chaos versus logical organization. On an even more personal level, it's a symbol of persistance, of defiance, and a reminder of all that I can accomplish if I believe in myself.

This is my logo. It's a representation of all that I've accomplished in my life both personally and professionally, and a symbol of all that is yet to come.

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