logo design by Jason Toma

  I know, you're thinking "Hey dude, where's the colour?" - Well, there isn't any. This logo is for my dad's restaurant, and one thing you should know about my dad - he's a pretty simple guy (in the best of ways). He likes black and white, meat and potatoes, straight up honesty. So when I built his logo, I went for that approach. The restaurant is right on the side of the highway, so he needed a logo that was simple and bold, easily read by people travelling at 60km/hr (he's just on the outskirts of the wee town of Hixon - I know, "Where?" Small town, smaaalll town BC. OK?

If you're ever travelling through central/northern BC, stop by and tell him you heard about him on the internet. It'll creep the heck out of him. Go ahead and try the Big Kahuna Burger - if you can finish it all within an hour, it's free (Good luck).

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"I'm not saying this just because it's my son who did this work, but I think that the sleek and unique design of the logo fits my vision of what I wanted to portray about my business. The work is very good quality and I'm proud that he's my son.

Despite the fact that he's been a pain in the ass for years, I'm still proud of him and all that he's done."

  - Maurice Toma,
Toma's Family Restaurant
(and mon pere)