This appearance by Shawn Desman was one of the first high profile events I worked on. It was exciting to work with both radio and print partners simultaneously, and tying everything together. The event was promoted on Vibe 98.5, the Calgary Sun, at the host venue (Calgary's Eaton Centre), and of course on an in-store level.

One of the ways we were able to both ensure a good turn out in advance as well as make our demographic excited about the event was by offering 'front of the line' passes to those who qualified via media contesting as well as those who qualified in-store at Play. The laminate is pictured to the right.

My responsibilities included working with both media outlets, the record label, host venue, store management and staff, and of course supervising the event on a PLAY capacity to ensure brand representation, proper staffing, ample product and cash on hand for the event. I quite enjoyed learning as I ensured each promotional partner was represented in all various advertisements.

And, at the end of the event I met up with Shawn who was a very gracious guest and thanked me for all of my work to help represent him.

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