In-store autograph session with Three Days Grace, courtesy of Sony-BMG Canada.

Appearing at Play Market Mall the day of their concert, the band attracted a substantial crowd of fans anxious to get a photo and autograph.

My responsibilities included coordinating communications with the record label, promotional partners CJAY 92 and the Calgary Sun, the host mall and the private security firm hired to help with the event. During all of this I ensured that PLAY's brand was represented to the fullest. Additional responsibilities also included liasing between company purchasers, receivers and store management to ensure ample product was on hand for the event, as well as proper staffing levels for proper customer service and to meet the band's requirements.

At left I've included a shot encompassing some of the organized chaos that went along with the autograph signing. Tweens, teenagers and tired parents! Oh my!

Of course, at the bottom I've included a shot of myself with the band, which they were gracious enough to pose for prior to going out into the autograph session.

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