Hot Culture Tanning Studio is one of the premiere tanning salons in Kamloops, BC. I was honoured to be approached by the owners a few months prior to their opening, asking me to help with the launch of their business. Ultimately I created their logo, business cards, all in-store P.O.P., flyers, web site and more.

Below is a sample of some of the work I did for Hot Culture.

Sample of special sale signage, measures 17x11"

Hours sign, measures 8x10.5"

Black and white flyer for special event sponsorship. Measures 8.5x11". Photography by me.

Instead of numerically labelling their tanning booths, they were given names of tropical destinations. Signs measured 10.5x8".

I created this referral card to create a bit of viral marketing for Hot Culture. Double-sided card, business card size.

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