As I said on the previous page, there is almost nothing better to me than being paid to draw, and I try and do it whenever I can. The illustration samples shown below usually start out as a pencil sketch, which is then scanned onto my PC, then placed in Corel Draw where I turn it into a vector illustration.

The benefits of creating the vector file are that it's infinitely resizeable without any image degradation whatsoever. It also allows me to get very carried away on tiny details, as each shape is self-contained, and can be edited without affecting any other part of the drawing.

The illustration samples below are all taken from my professional portfolio. Some of the samples below may be seen included in other projects around my site, and are pointed out on the following pages.

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"For the past 5 years I have been lucky to have Jason designing for me - all of my projects from my logo to all of my event posters. Jason knows how to work with different kinds of people and he will work until his customer is very, very happy.

Thank you Jason for all of your local and international work for us. Party Your Face Off will always thank you for everything!

  - Miguel Gonzalez,
Party Your Face Off Productions