During my 4 years at Jardines, I was tasked with many different challenges including creating a uniform visual brand for both their Kamloops and Sun Peaks stores. I am exceedingly grateful to the people of Jardines for giving me this exceptional opportunity and wish them continued success.
Below are several examples of in-store signage I created during my tenure with Jardines.

Please also check out page two of my Jardines work to see some of the large format signs I created for their store windows.

Sample of snowboard binding signage, measures 10x1.25"

Sample of snowboard signage, measures 7.75x10.25"

Sample of ski signage, measures 3x4"

Staff tag design, Kamloops store location.

Staff tag design, Sun Peaks store location.

Signage for Sun Peaks store, measuring 142x48". This sign was located above the rental desk, approximately 9' off the ground.

Ski & board service sign, measures approx 96.75x48". Sign was also installed approximately 9' high.

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"As a non-technical, computer illiterate person it is impossible to properly recognize Jason's skills. But I do know he has never let me down when I ask for the seemingly impossible. So I am sure technically he is one of the best. Jason's true talents lie in his ability to blend the truly mind-boggling electronic world with the real world. He is a talented artist and has excellent literary skills. He has done a masterful job for us and our image. Everything from forms and signs to window banners, newspaper and magazine ads, brochures and an amazing website.

Jason is "quality" first and is extremely adaptable, plus he's just a real nice guy and a great team employee. I give Jason the highest recommendation."

  - Dennis Smith