I have been involved with a good number of projects that required use of my photography skills. I've been told I have a natural eye for photography, which I feel is thanks to my theatre background. Framing a photo is very much like setting a stage, posing the actors with the props and backdrops.

I have done work with models, events, architecture, food and more.

Included below are photos taken from several different photoshoots for the girls of Hot Culture and KStudio, and a few different images shot for Magnums/Club 357.

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"Working with Jason, I see the enormous quantity and quality of his work. But just as impressive is his ability to integrate his efforts within a larger entity. He is never insular, and ensures that communication remains open throughout. He respects other’s time and efforts and does everything possible to make an entire project work, not merely his end of it. For this and many other reasons, he has earned both my respect and friendship."

  - Marlon Meginbir,
Warehouse Manager, Play Distribution Services