I have worked for Play since 2003, in the role of Creative Director since 2004. In that time I have created countless signs and displays. For simplicity's sake, I've broken the following samples down into four categories: Window features, front features, price/campaign signage, and miscellaneous signage.

Of course, any images which contain pictures of artists, the image is copyright to the respective rights holders. All images were used with label approval, both prior to design began and before going to print.

Store Windows
Artist or album features for major key new releases. This signage is the primary attention grabber for our stores, on average measuring no smaller than 45x60".

Storefront Features
Signage geared towards highlighting secondary key new releases.

Price points and general campaigns
Signage to promote general sales, or month-long sales campaigns.

This section contains various contest signage, artist or album features, in-store appearances and more.

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"You are so refreshing Jason. What a nice change from some of the old farts around my age.

I appreciate it !!"

  - John H. Jones
Mid-West Regional Manager,
Warner Music Canada Co