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Tomorrow A.M.

I saw you in a photo from a yesterday
That we didn’t share
I saw you in a time that you told me of
But we didn’t care View full article »

What should we say

Let’s add it to our list
of promises broken
Add it to our things
of well meant lies we’ve spoken View full article »

Play along

Play along.

I want you to close your eyes (after you read this part).
I want you to imagine you – the Real You, the version of you that you feel most strongly connected to, that you want to be, or that you wish to be again.
Got it?
Now, I want you to envision that you – I want you to tell me how old you are, where you are, and what you’re doing. View full article »

On suicide, part 9000

Is there anything I could have said?

I doubt it. View full article »

Cut my wings

She said she loved the way I rose
And how I’d fly and spread my wings
The way I stepped up climbed up
Said goodbye to yesterday’s things
But she would never lift me up
And I would never be enough
To save our dreams and we View full article »

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