It’s no secret that I like coffee and coffee shops. So, every now and then I like to take my laptop and sketchbook to a coffee shop to work. The atmosphere, the smells, the sounds.. it rejuvenates me.

Today I am sitting in one of my favourite shops working on a number of projects both for clients and myself (incredible focus, yes?), enjoying a great cuppa and feeling positive. There is a pair of ladies sitting nearby, dressed in office formal wear and deep in conversation. Putting in my headphones to escape, I overhear a few words from them, including “retainer, hourly schedule, staff management…” and I can’t put my music up loud fast enough. I’ve no idea what the two of them do, but if I had to guess I’d say accounting or some form of middle management. Inevitably a song I don’t like comes on and I hit mute. Now their conversation has moved on, and I hear them discussing branding. Now, my ears perk up. This is what I do, this is what I love to do! I’m curious! Did I misjudge these two based on their appearance and earlier snippet of words?

The answer is a most emphatic no. The two of them exchanged a few lines about branding a business, and for the life of me I could not tell if they were reading from a textbook or talking in their sleep. I forgot my manners and looked over at them, shocked, as they said a few buzz words, nodded unenthusiastically at each other and sipped their lattes. My jaw dropped. Pardon my language, but what the what? Branding is about passion, about helping a company and the people behind it realize their dreams, and to take them to the next level in their journeys. It’s exciting, and an incredible honor to be chosen to be a part of. Every opportunity I’ve been given, from retail stores to organic gardeners and everything possible in between, I’ve embraced as if they were my own company. Meeting with a client to discuss their company, their brand, their dream – always fills me with excitement and charges my creative batteries well beyond full. It gets to the point where I almost want to end the meetings early so that I can rush out and get pencil to paper that second. These two, however.. they may as well have been 4 hours into an annual budget review. No energy. No spark. No creativity.. no passion.

All I could think was WHY!? – And how, to be honest. Why would these two be discussing something so important, so creative, with such disdain? How did they get to sound so jaded? (And also, how would they get selected for that task? Were all the seamstresses and butchers out there too busy?) There is no chance I will EVER let myself get that way.

I listened in horror for another minute or two, but it only got worse. I put my headphones in and cranked the volume to 11. What does all this have to do with anything, you ask? Everything. I’m starting something. It’s a little late, by perhaps many years, but it’s started. You’ll see it soon – everyone will. It involves a lot of blood, sweat, gasoline, caffeine, profanity and tears, but it’s all worth it. Dreams always are. And I can promise, it will never, ever, sound nor feel like paint drying.

It’s started. I’m excited to share it with you all soon.