I hate your pictures
And the ideas you put into my head
I despise the words you told me
The dreams from you woke up dead
I hate the smile on your face
When you’re faking it with him
I hate the promises you break
It’s not what you wanted deep within

   tell me
That we’re better off this way
Say you’re only saving me from pain
Tell me it’s the safest thing to say
Lie to us both, go on, walk away.
And do you sleep well now at night
Knowing all your words you broke
I hope it hurts you when you crave it
And he can’t make you choke

Because I’m the one that you love
That you loved
That you scarred upon your chest
That you hate that you scorn
I’m the one who
Gave it to you the best
I’m the one that you know
that you trust
That you close your eyes and hate
Still the one
Hate me more
You’ll never feel it more so hate

Now I fucking hate your pictures
The lies you put in my head
Scratch all the words you told me
Dreams from you all born still dead
That smile is a lie across your face
You’re fucking, wasted there with him
You’ll never feel him like me within

  so tell me
What is so better now this time
Now that you walked away again this time
Now that you’ve got inside my head again
Now that I’m wanting to feel this pain again
Now that the black heart lies broken down again
  Lie that we’re okay now just as friends
  or don’t tell me anything

I really hate your pictures now and
All the words we said
Our dreams of us lie stillborn
But you can lie to him instead
And I will wish you well in silence
Remembering a kiss, a love in violence
I’ll let you kill me now, in kindness.

   – JT
  2:07am Oct 19 2012