Is there anything I could have said?

I doubt it.

I don’t know what went into your thought process these last few months, and for that, I’ll always be angry.

I’ll always be hurt. I can’t hide that. You were like a legend in my eyes. You could do no wrong. Even when you did, it was never your fault. I looked up to you. I looked forward to the time we might spend together like it was worth its weight in gold; and it always was. You taught me so much, and I’ll always be grateful. You were wise. You were passionate. You had that spark that drew us all to you.

And I’ll always be mad.
I looked up to you. I wanted to be like you whenever I finally grew up. Your words were like gospel to me. You had the world on a platinum platter and more offered to you daily. We all should be so lucky as you appeared to be.
You were a mentor and a friend. You meant the world.

And somehow, suicide was your only answer.
I’m sorry. I didn’t know.
I wish there was anything that any of us could have done to reach you. To help you, like you helped everyone that came into your life.

In your honour, I’ll try and be a better me.