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On Suicide

I’ve been trying to write a blog for my company site for the last hour… and all I can think is… fuck.

I lost a friend today. Completely out of the blue, like I suppose most cases of this are. I was sitting in a cafe, waiting to meet with a possible new client. She was running a few minutes late, so I decided to check my phone.

I shouldn’t have. I’m pretty sure I’ll always remember this moment: sitting in that cafe, looking up to see my possible new client walk in, the exact second I’d read that my friend had passed. View full article »

Bell Let’s Talk Day

Today is, unless you’ve been living under a social media rock (and if so, say hi to my dad) – Bell Let’s Talk day. For every text message sent or long distance call made by a Bell subscriber, they will donate 5 cents to fund mental health initiatives across Canada. They’ll also contribute 5 cents if you share their image on Facebook, or use the hashtag #BellLetsTalk on Twitter – and here is where the uproar and backlash has come from.
View full article »

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