I didn’t want to go to the gym today. In fact, I didn’t want to get out of bed. I knew I had work to do, two meetings in the morning, and even more work after that. Had at least three personal projects I’d been procrastinating on, and a car desperately in need of washing. Okay – I’d get out of bed to wash my car, I can’t fool anyone with that one.

I don’t know why, but I just couldn’t get out of bed. I knew I wanted the results from the gym, but I had zero energy to go. My body was sore and feeling tired. My brain was half asleep. It would be so easy, and so nice just to stay in bed until I had to get ready for my meetings. The meetings were important. I had to prep for each one, I had to be on my game. I turned my alarm off and laid back down. My bed was so comfortable, an extra hour or so of sleep would be amazing. I closed my eyes and laid there for a moment. I could nap.

Or I could remember what I wanted, and why I do it. I cursed at myself and dragged myself out of bed. Had a light, quick breakfast and went to the gym. I didn’t have enough time for a full workout so I condensed a routine into a few exercises that would get my body going. Warming up, every inch of me complained. Joints were sore, muscles felt heavy and weak. My first warmup set felt as heavy as my maximum weight. I looked at the clock – I had 45 minutes before I’d have to sprint home to shower and get ready before going out for my meeting. What if I just left now and got a coffee instead? Mmm… coffee would be so good..

I shook my head and did another warmup set. It still sucked, but a little bit less than the last one. Turned my music up louder. Another warmup. Did I really have to do this? It could be a rest day, I was due for one.. or I could shut up, lift the weights and do the work I knew I wanted to. Didn’t lift my max weight on any of the sets, but got close to it and made sure my form was spot on. Moved on to the next exercise and still felt out of it. Stretching and warming up, nothing in my body felt any better and even the muscles I wasn’t training were in pain. The results were about the same as the first exercise.. slow start, gradually getting into it and finally crushing it. A few more quick exercises and while my brain was still complaining, I realized my body wasn’t. In between sets, I started prepping for my meetings; thinking of the questions I’d ask and what I may be asked. During the exercise I was in the moment, lifting, pushing, pulling.

I stayed a few minutes later than planned hurrying in one last set. Blazed my way home, had a three second shower and hit my first meeting. It was awesome. I felt awake, alive, sharp in both mind and body. I was fully in the moment. Finished up and followed it with another great meeting. Back at home, I sat down at my desk, ready to face the rest of my day and felt so happy I’d forced my lazy, half asleep self to the gym.

I had a great workout.