she’s a ghost in my night
        that i can never quite see
a constant whisper in my ear
        from somewhere not beside me

and she promises me things
        to make my black heart stop
some of heaven, some hell
        but i listen around the clock

sometimes i see her in a crowd
        when i’m wandering alone
sometimes i wish i could hear her
        if i could get her on the phone

but she’s a mystery
always distant
she’s a secret
of an instant
inspiring dreams
too big for this world
making me question
and remain loyal to her
i will worship in her midnight
and die a million deaths in her name
though i fall to earth unworthy
i shall be her champion of this game

for her in silence
for her in the dark
feel this black heart beat
we are each other’s ghosts
lick the blood from the wounds we cause
        scream our whispers
turn us both into the flame
        we were born to blister
for her in silence
i must be silent
we are our own ghosts.

  – JT
Feb 4, 2013. Midnight.