who is he
that would try to keep you away from me
who is he
does he whisper those lovely things
who is he
does he agree with all you say
who is he
doesn’t matter, he’s going away

he might be
the safest choice right now
he could be
the easier way somehow
he might not
stand up to you like i do
but he’ll never
make you crazy like i do

he can’t touch he can’t kiss he can’t claim you like i do
can’t keep you insane keep you screaming in the rain like i do
he might smile politely he may kiss you nicely
say yes to his words but you’ll still invite me
ignore his thread i own your bed
curse my name but i’m still exciting
be my Ghost and I’ll be your Devil
cut me thrice now let’s keep it level
But you promised your love to me.
You must say, who is he?

You know he could never take my place
And in darkness you still reach for my face
I know my name rings when you’re with him
you know my madness and our sin
Don’t let it die now all so sadly
I will take you, keep you madly
He might kiss you once some night
I will have you forever, it’s only right
But he can’t touch you where I breathe
We are our ghosts, when we believe.

Who is he
Fading from my ghost.

  – JT
1:48am, Feb 18 2013