…but i don’t dream of you that much anymore
except the nights when i do
and i wake up wishing
sometimes cursing
at these haunted thoughts of you

and these days i don’t remember your voice
the way your whisper stole my name
i don’t look for you
don’t try to see your face in a crowd
when i catch myself, it’s a shame

i don’t reread your promises never kept
i remember the words
i kept our tickets
i saved the date
your truths were always blurred

I stopped waiting for you to kiss me
you said your next and last were mine
in the pouring rain
in midnight streets
i waited and you stole my time

and i stopped wishing for our better days
a smile as you held my hand
i listened to your lies
i stopped asking questions
i didn’t need to understand

maybe i don’t dream of you that much anymore
but i hate that this is true.

  - JT
Feb 10, 2016