but I don’t want your perfect
I want you, perfect
beautiful with your scars
magnificent in your flaws
I crave you at your best
I need you at your worst
All the things you keep secret
Your burdens you kept hidden
From me, the world in disbelief
Everything they won’t let you achieve
I see, I know
I want to hold you when you go
Can’t let you go back to him
broken love is not a sin
I’ll tell you now what I should have said
Still time for what we should have did
I want your beauty and your sick
I want you angry and your kiss
I need your secrets and all that’s common
Your perfect public person and your moments wanton
I want every moment we should have had
Every coming second good and bad

I know I ask a lot but
Give sacrifice to this thought
I promise you my everything
From the first I gave you my promise
Ring in my ears
Love in the wrong time
Whisper midnight crimes
It’ll never be perfect
But you and me, perfect.

– JT
12:53am, March 6, 2020