it’s been a while since the sun came up
  i know i should be movin or be doin stuff
but like last night i’ll stay here awake
keep  killing time until goodness’ sake
and if you’re right and when i’m wrong
  you can say you knew it all along
cause imma lay here til i can go and get it
  like how we make it just to wreck it
now if i stay above and pretend i’m alive
  we have to do this with good inside
and so i’m calling

time for a visit with Auntie D
 every time I’m down she brings cheer for me
she makes up the stories of all i can do
 sometimes she helps me forget about you
yeah we ride in the sun in my broke down car
 she’s riding shotgun life can’t be hard
and i live for my visit with Auntie D
 wash down our smiles with budget beer
forget all the things we shouldn’t hear
 i’ve been told now to trust my Auntie D

they’re saying things i can’t be bothering
 i shut down quiet but they’re hollering
they say it’s not the way not how i used to be
 they don’t know the fights n voices here inside of me
they can’t hear the ghost of who i was supposed to be
 and i used to fight for good until it hurt
but win or lose all i made was worse
  say i was the king i used to ride on top
  i was waiting for that bottom drop
  and if i fell if all that love would stop
now if i say the truth my happy rides away
and if i know it nothing’s gonna stay

we line up for our visit with Auntie D
 when i’m down she brings cheer for me
makes up her stories of all i can do
 helps me forget about me and you
riding together in my brokedown car
 Auntie D beside me
and life can’t be hard
 we crack a beer
wash our feelings back
 life so serious
like a heart attack
 Auntie D will keep
all the demons down
 Auntie D the promise
in tomorrow’s shroud

and now i’m shaking trying to ease the pain
 these pains were new but now they’re old again
forgive me tomorrow when all i need
 is six feet of rope when i’m scared to bleed
and if i wrap this guilt around my neck
 well maybe this was my only track
and i asked for help before this end
 when Auntie D was my only friend
i asked for help but you wouldn’t see
 my Auntie D, controlling me

went for a walk with Auntie D
 told me to forget who i used to be
now i drink to the past
 when my future’s last
now it’s that thing i don’t admit to
 secret’s sworn you know i don’t do
come and visit say it’s good to see me
 save your thanks for prescription Auntie D

   – JT
1am, March 25, 2020