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Choose to find a way. Don’t make excuses.

People that greet every new idea or opportunity with negativity drive me bonkers. We’ve all seen them, we all have them in our lives at some point or another. When someone presents them with a suggestion, their first response is to list 27 reasons why it won’t work – all of which are of course out of their control. When faced with these people over and over, eventually you stop giving them ideas. Yet, when you know someone who has a positive attitude – you love bringing up ideas because you know the reaction will be positive and could lead to even better ideas through discussion. View full article »

I don’t play here any more.

I dreamt of work last night. Not my current gig, not any outstanding projects on the go right now, but of a job I’ve not had for almost 5 years now.

For 5 years, I was fortunate enough to work in the music industry. I was Creative Director for a cool independent music store with 3 locations. While this didn’t translate to big bank, it did mean I got to create posters and newspaper ads for some of my favourite bands and artists I’d grown up idolizing. View full article »

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