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Does he know?

look at you
the happy couple
all smiles and
hand in hand
so cute so sweet
pardon me
while i bare my teeth

are you his darling princess
go to sleep with your head on his chest
does he hug you nicely, hold you close
because he can trust you more than most?
do you smile politely, play the part
oh look at you, little sweet heart

but i wonder, does he know
how you came to my door
on your knees and you’re
a little bit less than honest
but with a taste for the best
not that it matters
but it’s funny to ask
tell me does he know
does he know

so nice the way he holds the door for you
brings you flowers, your favorite kind too
and he promises the world
for his innocent baby girl
looking to all the world like the perfect couple
excuse me miss, my name is trouble

i guess it’s hard for you to say a word
when your mouth is too busy, dirty girl
can you tell me, does he know?
the truth of you is scratched all over my back
innocent nothing, you took it in
world class style, i’ll have to give you that
and if i’m bored again, might even invite you back

i should ask him if he knows
but it’s really not my place
but i just might do it
to wipe that smile off his face
there’s no point to it
it isn’t nice, it isn’t kind
but you both should know you’re only his
because you weren’t enough to be mine.

  – JT
9:13am, Sunday March 30, 2008

grey, black

grey fingernails
and black shoes
blond hair
and a blood red smile View full article »

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