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lay down your guards
they’ll do you no good
i’ll conquer your defenses
and claim all of you View full article »


It’s been a pretty great morning. I slept in by about half an hour; slept through my alarms.. but was lost deep in sleep and dreams. I dreamt of hanging out with Dad, seeing an old friend, and driving. As the dream wrapped up, I woke up, completely confused about where I was and what time it might be. View full article »

Who is he?

who is he
that would try to keep you away from me
who is he
does he whisper those lovely things
who is he
does he agree with all you say
who is he
doesn’t matter, he’s going away View full article »


she’s a ghost in my night
        that i can never quite see
a constant whisper in my ear
        from somewhere not beside me
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