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Don’t Take Me Home To Nothing

I didn’t ever ask for this
And maybe we should have asked you more
But when you asked if that’s all
I should have gone for the door

You say that love is pure and that
this is all we’ve got
With a graveyard’s dirt on my hands
I promise you it’s not View full article »

hold me down

you dance with me at midnight
after a hundred days of silence
you put your hand on my chest
so i can feel you steal my breath
we feel the songs
we are the show
surrounded by jealous strangers
anyone that sees us knows View full article »

a ghost of stolen time

…but i don’t dream of you that much anymore
except the nights when i do
and i wake up wishing
sometimes cursing
at these haunted thoughts of you View full article »


can you hear me now
are you wondering how
can you believe i called
can you take it all View full article »

We always knew This wouldn’t be enough

You were beautiful in the rain
Glorious in the sun
I never knew any better
I’ll never be your one View full article »

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