Due to privacy concerns, I have decided to remove my resumé from this site. However I will be happy to provide it to any prospective clients or beginning creative professionals who wish to use it as a reference point for themselves.

When requesting a copy of my resumé, please specify whether you would prefer to view it in .pdf or .doc formats. You may request this via e-mail or by calling me at 250.316.5955.

I also offer it so that anyone hoping to break into the design industry may be able to use it as a reference tool. When I was first attempting to get started, I found it challenging to present a resumé that was suitable as a creative professional. I find there is a balance that needs to be achieved - showing both your creative skills and presenting all of your marketable skills in an interesting and concise manner. I hope that any recent university graduates or people simply hoping to get started in the design or creative industry will be able to get some insight or inspiration from seeing my resumé and that you are able to interpret it as a tool for your own.

"Jason Toma is a man of focused passion and diverse talent. He appeared on our inaugural Off-Centre Radio episode, as well as created visuals for Off-Centre Magazine. He shows the ability to grasp clients' needs, rather than push his own agenda, which is a valuable trait."

  - Leanne Allen, President
Off-Centre Omnimedia Inc.