One of the predominant reasons I chose to redesign my web site was the fact that my old portfolio section was both cluttered and far too busy. One of the reasons for this was the simple fact that my skill set is not something that is easily classified.
How do you define creativity?

Do I show off every sketch that I've done, every poster design, every logo, billboard, radio commercial?
Or do I drop some numbers and tell you just how much in advertising I've created, at zero cost to my employer? Certainly it's creative, but it makes for pretty boring online viewing.

I spent a long time, drank a lot of coffee and drove many kilometres in considering how to display my current portfolio. What you will now find is broken down into 3 basic categories, and is a sample of my existing works. Should you wish to see more, please feel free to contact me and let me know what you're looking for.

Marketing and Promotions
You may have the best product. You may have the best prices, and the best service.

If nobody knows, though, what's the point?

You need someone that knows how to reach the people, to get to your target audience, and to inspire them to reach out to you and your business. I can do that. I can do it by the hundreds. I can do it by the thousands. I can work with non-profit groups, with national media outlets, with independent newspapers or whatever the perfect match for the occasion may be.

I will reach your customer. I will get your message heard.

You may view a few selected samples of marketing campaigns and special events and promotions I have been involved in here.      

Logo Design
The concept of a proper logo is very important to me, as it appeals not only to my design side, but my theatre background as well. It's about sending a message, conveying who your company is and what it represents. A proper logo can attract new customers - a poor logo can cost you those same customers. I love the challenge that creating a logo represents.
You may view the logos I have created here: Logo Portfolio      

Print Design
This category covers a very broad stroke of what I do. This includes store P.O.P. and merchandising, event advertising, custom illustration, photography, brochure design, newspaper ads and more.
You can check out some samples of these works here: Print Portfolio

I am not only exceedingly happy, I am very proud to be doing a lot of advertising on some of the finest radio stations in the country. On this page I've outlined some of the promotions I've created, and included some of the commercials that I've written.
You can see, and hear some of my radio work here: Radio Portfolio

For examples of my more personal creativity, I invite you to check out the Wanderings section of my site.
"I had the pleasure of working with Jason Toma on creative designs and campaigns for Universal Music Canada's new releases and have nothing but respect for his level of graphic design and creative ideas.

The fact that he was trusted to create in-store designs and print advertising campaigns for such high level artists like Bon Jovi, U2, Elton John and The Tragically Hip speaks volumes of what Jason can do."

  - Tim Morris,
Formerly the Director of Marketing, Western Canada
Universal Music Canada