Below are the logos which I have been fortunate enough to create for various businesses.

You may click on any of the thumbnails below to view the logo at a larger size, and in full colour.

I have displayed these logos below in black and white as proof that the designs work both in full colour and large scale, but also when reduced in size and in black and white. This is a very important detail to remember when designing a logo - as it is sure to be photocopied or faxed at some point in its existance. It's also good to ensure the logo works in black and white in case your client wishes to use it on merchandise in the future (i.e. on coffee cups, embroidered onto clothing, etc) - because in these instances they will be charged on a per-colour basis.

Once again let me re-state how honoured I am by all of the businesses and organizations below that chose me to create the image which represents them to the world. I welcome any feedback you may have, please send me an e-mail via my contact page.

"Cheers Jason, I appreciate the accurate and detailed way in which you created every aspect of my logo. I think it is a perfect representation of me and my work. I love it.

Jason, I have to say that I am very impressed with my logo. I had to get up a few times in the night just to have a look. Thanks very much and once again, awesome job!"

  - Darren Daye,
Daye Enterprise