I've entitled this section of my site "Wanderings" as a means of bringing some order to the various different creative paths I'm given to wandering.
These are entirely personal means of expressing my creativity and should in no way be seen as a reflection on my professional work. However I am of course proud of any expression of my creativity (at least those that I choose to display here - there have been some spectacular failures, of course - but I'm not showing those!

A collection of various drawings, sketches and so forth.

Perhaps I should put quotation marks around that and call it "poetry". I'm not saying it's good, but I enjoy writing, and occasionally I even rhyme.

Moments captured on film. Or more than likely, on a memory card.

Anything that doesn't fall into the above categories (you've been warned).

"I had the insane pleasure of gorging on Jason's creative buffet from the minute I met him. Every sense the man possesses is turned up to number 11. He was my client, is my friend, an innovative conductor of the creative message... wherever it may need his capacity for creativity, and always true to himself."

  - Darrell Paul,
Regional Account Manager - Alberta
HR Adworks