Welcome to my print portfolio. As mentioned on the previous page, this section covers a very wide stroke of what I do. I have attempted to simplify it as much as possible for your ease of viewing.

  Store P.O.P.
Play Entertainment
As Creative Director for Play, I was responsible for creating and maintaining the visual branding for the company and its three retail locations. On this page you will see several examples of signage created for the Play stores.

I was the graphic designer/webmaster for Jardines for over 4 years. In that time I developed a common visual branding theme for their stores. This involved creating all external and internal signage, point of purchase displays, print advertising, logo design for clothing and accessories, business cards and much more. I also developed their web site which created a good deal of business for their ski & snowboard sales and rental services.

Hot Culture
I was flattered to not only be asked to create Hot Culture's logo, but to also design all of their in-store signage and print promotional items.

  Event Advertising
Various posters, flyers and such from different events.


  Custom Illustrations
There is almost nothing better than getting paid to draw. Almost.


Getting paid to play with a camera is also not a bad time at all.


Newspaper ads, brochures, postcards and whatever's fallen through the cracks of what's listed above. Check it out.
"I am privileged to know Jason in a professional and personal manner. He is an intelligent man who enjoys sharing his knowledge on work and life, and where it all fits in our world. Our initial contact was business and that quickly grew into a friendship. Meeting with Jason is always professional and comfortable. His ability to communicate effectively ensures that your ideas and vision are important to the creative process.

Jason's passion for his work is matched only by his creativity."

  - Melissa Mercier,
Account Executive
Vauntcom Media Corporation