In my experience, marketing is a combination of sales, networking, relationships and honesty. I've been fortunate to work alongside some exceedingly talented individuals and organizations, and in doing so have observed, learned and grown my skills.

Why do I say that successful marketing is a combination of the above 4 traits? Let me break it down for you:
1. Sales: First off, you obviously have something to sell, whether it be a product or a service. Chances are, unless you've just invented the singing, dancing, invisible, air-powered flying car, whatever you're selling isn't unique in your marketplace. You need to convince your target audience that they want to spend their very hard-earned money with you, and make them feel happy that they've chosen you.

2. Networking: Once you've selected the reasons you're advertising, you need to know how you're advertising. Print? Radio? Online, or television? A successful marketing professional will have an extensive network of contacts in all of these outlets, and more. Not only that, but this person will also be able to bring several promotional partners together to make your campaign even larger and more profitable than you had hoped for. This is done through..

3. Relationships: Any business can call up a media outlet and buy some advertising. Some commercials are booked, money changes hands, a few more people might walk through the doors, and it's all over. That is quite frankly, terrible. The successful marketing person takes the time to build a relationship with the media partner - with their sales rep, with the management team, with the on air staff, and so on. This way, when both parties agree to work together, both have a vested interest in seeing a mutual success.

4. Honesty: Ultimately, if you don't believe in what you're selling or promoting, it's going to show. From negotiating with media to reaching your audience, I feel you must be sincere. You must be passionate.

I keep these 4 traits in mind at all times when approaching each marketing opportunity, and it's these 4 keys that allow me to achieve continued success.
Below are a few samples of promotions and events I have worked on. Please click on the photo to learn more of my involvement in the event.
Working together with Vibe 98.5, the Calgary Sun, Sony Music Entertainment Canada, over 1000 excited fans came out to see and meet recording star Shawn Desman.
Working with the WWE was not without its risks!
Here, WWE Superstar Chris Jericho hits me over the head with a poster I designed!
In partnership with Koch Entertainment Canada and WWE.
In-store autograph session with Three Days Grace.
In-store acoustic session and autograph signing with international stars Seether!
In partnership with Universal Music Canada, Gibson Guitars and the 2007 Juno Awards, Theory Of A Deadman signed autographs and met their fans as part of their "Journey to the Junos" promotion!
In-store performances and autograph sessions with The Wilkinsons, in both Calgary and Kamloops. Working in cooperation with their record label Fontana North, the host venues, local media in each market as well as store staff, both were successful events.

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"Jason knows what he wants and he gets it every time. I've voiced commercials for Jason and Play Entertainment and we've worked together on hosting a yearly tournament inside a huge summer event in Kamloops called The River Family Festival (which on average is attended by 20,000 people).

Jason is one of the few people in business, and in life, who pays such close attention to detail. That's why he wins and that attitude will go a long way."

  - Ara Andonian,
Afternoon Drive Host
97.5 The River