I've always been infatuated with radio, ever since the days of my youth when I would listen to radio stations from around the world on my grandfather's short wave radio. As a teenager growing up in a small town, I would record my favourite radio station from Vancouver on cassette (which is starting to date myself here) and drive around playing the tape later in the week, daydreaming of living the big city life.

As such, I am always very excited when it comes time for me to be involved with radio. Below I've broken down some of the radio advertising I've done with Play Entertainment at a variety of stations, and what my involvement was.
Play Entertainment - Branding spot

Written to increase the brand awareness of Play Entertainment as they celebrate their 5th anniversary.

This concept behind this spot was to break down the stigma attached to shopping at music stores as felt by some people. This spot highlights not only the customer service but also the product selection that makes Play Entertainment one of Calgary's premiere music shopping destinations.

Spot written by me, with production by Energy 101.5 (Calgary). Main announcer voice is Freeway Frank.

As you may or may not know, one of my favourite bands of all time is Bon Jovi. You have no idea how excited and honored I am to have written a commercial to promote their latest CD, "Lost Highway".

To celebrate this occasion, I am going proud to not only have the commercial here on my site, I am going to give you a breakdown of how the spot was written, and why. Click here to check it out.
CJAY 92 (Calgary) - "Calgary's Best Rock"
Voted best Rock Radio Station in Canada, CJAY 92 is a Calgary powerhouse when it comes to radio.
30 Seconds to Mars - Roctober Hard Sell ad
Aerosmith - Rocktober Hard Sell ad

Above spots voiced by CJAY's The Russman. Produced by CJAY. Spots booked and written by me.

Play / CJAY Rocktober pre-produced spot
Voiced by CJAY's Gerry Forbes with production by CJAY. Creative by CJAY, based on outlines provided by me. Final approval provided by me.

Play / CJAY Rocktober live mention
Voiced by CJAY's morning crew Forbes and Friends. Live mention as part of advertising campaign, as negotiated and agreed to by me.

Vibe 98.5 (Calgary) - "Today's Hottest Music"
Play branding spot
Caesars - Hard sell spot
Justin Timberlake - Hard sell spot
Robbie Williams - Hard sell spot

Play branding and Caesars spot voiced by Vibe's Mastermind. Justin Timberlake and Robbie Williams voiced by CJAY's The Russman. Produced by Vibe 98.5. All spots booked and written by me.

"Play of the Week" feature on Vibe
"Play of the Week" feature on Vibe

The above two "Play of the week" spots were voiced by various members of the Vibe on-air staff. The feature was a year-long continuity program that ran 5 days a week in set time frames. I provided the station with a basic outline of what to talk about and which song(s) to play, and then the on-air talent would discuss it in the 60 second long "soft-sell" spot. This was a great campaign for building the Play brand, with a fitting title for the promotion, and the year-long continuity to build the familiarity.
X92.9 (Calgary) - "Calgary's New Rock Alternative"
Korn - Hard sell spots

Above spot voiced and produced by X92.9. Booked and written by me.
CKRV The River 97.5 FM (Kamloops) - "Today's Hot Hits"
Gym Class Heroes - Hard sell spot
K-Os - Hard sell spot
Rob Thomas - Hard sell spot

Above spots voiced by The River's Ara Andonian. Produced by The River. Spots booked and written by me.

Play Maxell iPod accessories contest live mention
Play Maxell iPod accessories contest winner announcement

The above two mp3s are part of a three week on-air campaign I created to run on The River. My goal was two-fold: to increase awareness and sales of Play's series of Maxell iPod accessories, and to continue to grow Play's brand awareness in the Kamloops marketplace.
Above mp3s were voiced by The River's Ara Andonian, with creative supplied by me.

Country 103 (Kamloops) - Continuous Country Favourites
Tim McGraw - Hard sell spot
Brad Paisley - Hard sell spot

Above spots voiced by Ara Andonian. Produced by Country 103. Booked and written by me.

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"Jason knows what he wants and he gets it every time. I've voiced commercials for Jason and Play Entertainment and we've worked together on hosting a yearly tournament inside a huge summer event in Kamloops called The River Family Festival (which on average is attended by 20,000 people).

Jason is one of the few people in business, and in life, who pays such close attention to detail. That's why he wins and that attitude will go a long way."

  - Ara Andonian,
Afternoon Drive Host
97.5 The River