a secret’s best kept when it’s only known by one
she smiled as she asked: can i trust you jason?
because what i have for you no one can know
not the things that we speak or the places we go
if my friends found out i know they won’t approve
my man would die if he knew what we do

i said: your secret’s safe just look me in the eye
we want the same things but can you tell me why
we know that we shouldn’t but still we seem to
ignore all the rest and do the things that we do
and it’s getting kind of hard to come up with excuses
but you make it worth it when you put me to good uses
we can’t back out we’ve committed to this deed
i’ll give you what you want just tell me what you need

she said to me: we need less eyes and more time
too many people watching think this is a crime
not my fault i can’t control what my heart wants
is it so wrong to want more than i’ve got
when i’m with you i’m as happy as can be
come inside close the door it’s only you and me
shut the curtains and turn off the lights
pretend i’m only yours tonight

and i agreed: i’ll keep our secret, this is no crime
can we get away from the eyes can we have our time
i don’t care about your friends or what they think
i want what we have, i need this one thing
i’ll sneak out late at night just to meet you on the low
is it sweeter that it’s wrong as we both go down below
do you like to kiss me more just ’cause i’m forbidden
do i taste sweeter now i’m your secret sin?

she didn’t say a word just kissed me for an answer
ran her fingers through my hair and pulled me close to her
for now we can there’s no one else but us
come the morning there’s always a world between us
and maybe i like that we’re a secret
don’t care if right now is a future regret
right now all i want is what you’re giving it’s mine
forget everything, we need less eyes and more time.

– JT