Another midnight
Our song is playing
I’d ask the bartender to change it but
But I’m not staying

It’s time to leave before you
Take your center stage
We wrote our lines but you
Burned your page

And I might be here without you
I might even be alone without you
I might just go on without you
’cause I always knew it was me without you

I re-read your letters
And all your messages
Such pretty promises but
You never meant them
The crumpled tickets to
Reservations made
I paid the price but
You never came

And now our kingdom’s crumbling
All your lies gone running
You think I’m broken but you’re wrong

Because I don’t miss you
I only miss the idea of you
The way I thought you made me feel
When you were smiling lying to me
I don’t miss all your lies
Or the fake tears you cried
I don’t miss the times we never had
I’ll only miss the idea of you

I remember your good times
The times you fooled me
When you made me think
We were the ones
Your sweetest kisses
I wasn’t the only one given
I made you my mistake
But not any more

I don’t miss you
Only the idea of you
The way you didn’t make me feel
I don’t miss your lies
Have fun with your other guys
When they can’t make you feel
The lies you said I made you feel
When we pretended this was real
I only miss the way I thought you made me feel

– JT
Dec 4, 2014