In our moment
     of Finally
She took my hand
    And led me
Answered the questions
    I should have asked
Removed the longing
    Scars from my back
Took me to her place
    I should have always been
Let me know every other
    Was my burdened sin
She pulled me close
    Like I’d always wished
Kept me near and
    Denied me her kiss
And if she smiled
    As she ripped my shirt
My heart forgave
    Who always came first
Then she removed everything
    Save her last secret
One last promise
    She’s never told it her best

But she pulls me in closer
Says she tells me the most or
  We need to have one more thing
  Closer and closer inside we bring
Our secrets our kiss our dreams
Release let yourself be here with me
Let the consequences fall the weight i’ll carry
   For once just let go, welcomed in
  Smile in our nights of forgotten

Dreams and I wake
 And I’m without you
Even in these dreams
 I can’t have you
I’m awake and alone
 And I can’t tell you
I know what you hide
 And I still want you

Give your secrets to mine
Awaken our dream
Say what you mean
I’ll promise from inside
I just want you
I just want you

You’ve never been my secret
I gave you my promise
Give you my word
Always my Only
Our moments are finally
Awake and we’re real.

   – JT
 March 31, 2020